Things to Look For in a Good Carpet Cleaning Company

By | October 7, 2020

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, it is a good idea to do some research before making a decision. You should know the basic principles that are involved in carpet cleaning, what you expect from a professional service and how you will pay your bill. Here are the four basic things that you need to know about carpet cleaning:

Quality Carpet cleaning service: The quality of the service is the first thing you want to look for in a carpet cleaning company. “The service received by Coit Professional Cleaning in our review was clean, efficient, and prompt. All of Coit’s cleaning specialists are certified, trained, and received a background check upon opening their business. They meet or exceed industry standards.” Best overall: Green Choice.

Service – What does it take to make sure that your carpets are properly cleaned? “It’s technicians meet or exceed industry standards for carpet cleaning service, along with providing their customers with a free estimate.” Best price: Green Choice. “The price of a carpet cleaning is determined by the type of carpet and cleaning needs, as well as the cleaning service used.”

Cleaning techniques – What equipment and products are used to clean your carpets? “Coit uses an innovative carpet cleaning method called “pumped-in steam.” “This method is effective and leaves your carpet feeling fresh and new.” Best overall: Green Choice.

Customer Service – How friendly and courteous is the staff at a carpet cleaning company? “Coit has a very friendly and helpful staff who was extremely helpful in answering our questions during our carpet cleaning appointment and after the cleaning job was done. Their professionalism made the work experience enjoyable and we could not wait to call them back for another cleaning appointment.”

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It’s a great idea to keep a file of customer comments and ratings for any cleaning company you work with. This can be very helpful when comparing companies.

The most important factor that a company can not control is customer satisfaction. If the company has a good reputation, they should not have too many problems with dissatisfied customers.

Finally, make sure you do not sign a contract with a carpet cleaning company that will require you to purchase their cleaning product. unless you have received a written guarantee from the company.