For technical analysts
Real help to technical analysis advocates irrespective of their strategies used in stock market trading. All stages of stock trading are covered – from selection of financial assets in NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX to forecasting stock quotes, stock indices and technical indicators.

Investment portfolio. Return and risk optimization. Underpriced stocks. Risk factors, stock rank. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks.

For investors

If you trade rather rarely and in several assets at once, here is the place for you. Stock evaluation is the first step to making your investing sound. Effective quantitative tools for stock and stock portfolio analysis will provide you with required yield at allowable risk. Optimal portfolio calculation.

New analytical tools for investments research. Complexity and trend strength of price time series. Stock price, index, technical indicator, volume. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks.
For “pioneers”

Why behavior of one stock index could be predicted better than that of another one? By how many values one could create qualitative forecast of stock prices for any selected issuer? Creation of customized risk evaluation criteria for stock market trading.

Trading system. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks. Quantitative trading strategies. High return/risk ratio. Trading signal system performance. Trading signals for daytrader.

For those very busy

Intellectual trading system relieves you of necessity to analyze big volumes of information. The system provides information on stocks, number of shares in each stock, and trading signals for each stock in on-line mode every day. The system’s effectiveness has been tested with three-year emulation on NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX. in Yield of 80% to 120% annually. For the first time in the world, this system discounts trader influence on each other. The number of subscribers is limited. Hurry up…

A few notes for thoughtful traders.

You should not be confused by similarity of e-MasterTrade products to box software or services, which you might have seen on the Internet earlier. Why ?
Here and for you is the huge power of modern science.

Besides, we offer you:

  • Daily analysis of all stocks in the three major trading platforms – NYSE, Nasdaq, and AMEX
  • Continuous fine tuning of models of analysis and forecasting for the changing market.
  • Huge computing capacities.
  • Access to all necessary information right on our website – come, get, win.